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        • PGISD Mission Statement: Ensure high levels of learning for all students.
        • Health Services Mission Statement: To provide safe and compassionate care that promotes health and wellness that will foster high levels of learning for all students.
        • Health Services Vision Statement: Implementing nursing care that meets the student’s physical, emotional and mental needs in order to stimulate classroom achievement. We will take an interdisciplinary approach to balance the needs of health and wellness with high educational standards.
        • Health Services Philosophy: The physical and mental health of students greatly impacts their educational experience. Illnesses, injuries, or emotional trauma can stunt their academic growth and hinder the ability to reach their full potential. By providing high quality nursing care and support, we can aid students in their health needs, thus enabling them to maximize their learning performance.

      Health Services Directory

      Campus Name Email Phone Fax
      PGES Teresa Shipp, Nurse Aid tshipp@pgisd.net 903.838.0528 903.575.2611
      PGIS Sherry Fomby, Nurse Aid sfomby@pgisd.net 903.832.0001 903.832.0147
      PGHS Becky Riles, LVN briles@pgisd.net 903.832.5381 903.832.5381
      PGMS Melanie Reed, District Nurse mreed@pgisd.net 903.831.4295
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