• Welcome! 

    Welcome to the Pleasant Grove Independent School District, where we take great pride in our students’ accomplishments. 

    Our District

    The Pleasant Grove Independent School District continues to grow and change to meet the needs of the students and the community. The first one-room school was established in 1877. The 55-square mile area formerly included several smaller districts. The Baker District and the Morriss district united in 1916 to form Pleasant Grove School District.

    The district was renamed Pleasant Grove Independent School District in September, 1978.  Pleasant Grove operated only an elementary school for many years. Pleasant Grove Junior High School opened in August, 1977, and is now known as Pleasant Grove Middle School. In 1983, voters approved the expansion of the educational program through grade 12. The first class of seniors graduated in May, 1986. The new high school facility was opened in August, 1986.

  • Mission Statement

     The mission of the Pleasant Grove Independent School District is to ensure high levels of learning for all students. 


    Vision Statement

    The vision of the Pleasant Grove Independent School District is to align policies, programs, and practices to reflect the commitment to ensuring high levels of learning for all students. 

  • Philosophy of Education

    Pleasant Grove Schools are committed to the general philosophy that education should provide appropriate learning experiences for every child within the district. Experiences provide for each child to continually develop and improve-- emotionally, physically, morally, socially, and intellectually. Pleasant Grove I.S.D. acknowledges that the student of today will live in a society demanding knowledge and skills related to the use of computers and other technologies. Evidence indicates that the district's schools are committed to the development of the "whole" child.

    The curriculum is in a state of continuous study and revision, readily adaptable to meet the changing needs of children and provides a foundation of knowledge.

    Methods of instruction reflect recognition of individual differences among students. Instruction equips students with real world work skills, human relations skills, respect for authority, appreciation of our American heritage and other world cultures, knowledge of how and where to obtain needed information, and an understanding of computers and other technologies which will enable them to function in an ever changing global society.

    Well-trained and highly competent staff members take pride in their professional commitment to the intellectual, social, and moral development of school children. Continuous staff development and professional growth experiences are encouraged. Discipline is considered vitally important to a vigorous education program.

    Overall, the school's efforts are directed to the end that each student will become a productive member of our global society, capable and desirous of making a definite and positive contribution to the society and to himself/herself.

  • Accreditation

    All schools in the Pleasant Grove Independent School District are fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the Texas Education Agency.

  • District Strategic Goals

    A strategic goal is a desired condition, outcome, or accomplishment that if achieved in the next three years to seven years would successfully address one or more critical issues and help accomplish our schools' mission.   These goals guide and focus our activities:

    • Technology - Expand infrastructure, capabilities, and training to allow total immersion in technology
    • Curriculum - Execute a curriculum intentionally designed to foster a lifelong love of learning through collaboration and innovation
    • Facilities - Build community support to provide well-maintained quality facilities that promote positive student learning outcomes
    • Community - Partner with stakeholders to ensure a positive educational experience for all learners
    • Personnel - Employ and recruit qualified staff who cultivate learning and create an environment that embodies the traditions of Pleasant Grove
    • Budget - Design a budget to optimize the educational experience of students and staff
    • Enrollment - Attract and cultivate students with the potential to achieve excellence