• FAQs
    Questions about Prices and Free Meals

    What are the new meal prices?
    Breakfast prices for the 23-24 school year are as follows:
    Reduced Pay Students - Breakfast FREE - Lunch 40¢
    Full Pay Students - Breakfast $1.95 - Lunch $3.30
    Adult and Second Meals - Breakfast $2.05 - Lunch $4.00

    Where can I find the breakfast and lunch menus?
    Menus can be found on the LINQ Connect mobile app or website:  LINQ Connect. You can choose your child's campus from the dropdown menu near the top of the page. 

    Do I still need to fill out the form even if I know my child will not qualify for free/reduced prices?
    Absolutely!  There are many other benefits available - additional school funding, may qualify you for discounted rates on internet services, college application fees, and academic testing fees.

    How do I know if my child qualifies for free or reduced breakfast/lunch prices?
    You will receive a letter/email from the school to inform you of your child’s status.

    Questions about Money and Account Balance

    What is your charge policy and does my student get refused food if they are in the negative?
    Students are allowed to charge one breakfast and one lunch.
    • For paid students, this means they can charge $1.95 for breakfast and $3.30 for lunch for a total of $5.25 allowable charging. 
    • Reduced students already receive free breakfast. Therefore, they can charge $.40 for lunch for a total of $.40 allowable charging. 
    After one day of charging, if the student is still in the negative, they will receive a grilled cheese sandwich at elementary and intermediate schools and a cheese sandwich at middle and high school.  They are still allowed all vegetable, fruit and milk selections for that day.  The only item that is substituted is the entrée. 

    Can I load money onto my child’s account? Can I load money before school starts?
    You can load money onto your child's account at any time using the LINQ Connect mobile app or website: LINQ Connect. Use your Titan Family Portal credentials to login to LINQ Connect. New families will be able to create an account in LINQ Connect beginning August 1st.

    When will the new mobile app be available? How will we know when we can start using the app?
    You may download and start using all aspects of the app, other than payments, at any time. Search LINQ Connect in the App Store or Google Play.

    I have multiple children in the district. Can I move money from one child’s account to another?
    YES! You can move funds between your students at any time.

    Can I see what my child is spending money on?
    Yes, you can look at your students' transaction history on the family portal.

    If my child rarely eats in the cafeteria, can they just bring cash on days they want to buy a meal? Or am I required to use the new LINQ Connect App?
    You are more than welcome to send cash or check to the cafeteria with your student.  

    Questions about Lunchtime 

    Are visitors allowed at lunch?
    No. Visitors are not allowed at lunchtime. There will be special events, hosted at various times of the year, that will be open to visitors. 

    Are students allowed to receive fast food deliveries?
    No. Fast food deliveries from parents, friends, and delivery services are not permitted.

    Will my child have choices for lunch?
    Students will have multiple choices for entree, vegetables, fruit, and milk.  We will be offering 2 or more choices of vegetables, including fresh vegetables such as baby carrot with ranch. We will also have many more fresh fruit options.

    • Elementary and intermediate students will have 3 choices of entree - convenience items such as sandwiches, homemade items such as beef enchiladas, as well as an entree salad such as chef's salad to choose.  
    • The high school and middle school will have 5 different entree options each day.  

    Can my child purchase a la carte items?
    High school, middle school and intermediate campuses will offer an a la carte menu.

    What are the a la carte items?
    Students will be able to purchase second trays or just an extra entree. As well as many more smart snack compliant snacks such as chips, granola bars, ice cream, cookies.

    Do you have to purchase a meal or can you just buy a la carte items?
    While we encourage each student to pick up a reimbursable meal.  Students may buy a la carte items without the reimbursable meal.

    Can my child bring their lunch AND purchase a la carte items?
    Absolutely! Any student may purchase a la carte items.

    Will there be fresh fruit and vegetables? How often? 
    There will be fresh fruit daily.

    Questions about Meals, Snacks, other options 

    Where can we see the menus?
    You can see the menu for your student’s campus at any time on the LINQ Connect App or LINQ Connect website.

    My child spends all their money on snacks. Is there a way to limit their snack purchases?
    You can absolutely place a spending limit on your students' account.  This is one of the many features offered on the family portal.

    I don’t want my child to purchase ice cream. Is there a way to prevent them from buying certain snacks?
    You may add notes to your students' accounts restricting any a la carte purchase you deem necessary.  These notes will pop up on the serving line any time your students enter their lunch number.

    I have a unique situation and I have questions. Who should I contact for help?

    Questions regarding child nutrition, menus, student accounts etc. can be directed to:

    Kimberly Blankenship
    Director of Child Nutrition