• Parent Family Engagement Plan

    School Parent and Family Engagement Plan 

    The mission of the Margaret Fischer Davis elementary School is to ensure high levels of learning for all students in a safe and nurturing environment. 

    1. Annual Title I Meeting 

    • Margaret Fischer Davis Elementary school will provide an annual title one meeting in the month of August. We will provide one meeting during the AM and the PM to accommodate parents’ schedules. 

    2. Flexible Number of Meetings 

    • Margaret Fischer Davis Elementary will offer a flexible number of parent meetings at convenient times for families, such as mornings and evenings. 

    3. Jointly Developed 

    • Margaret Fischer Davis Elementary will inform parents of their rights to help develop the Parent and Family Engagement Plan. Parents will receive information about the plan during the annual title 1 meeting and will be offered an opportunity to provide feedback on the school’s plan. 

    4. Communication 

    • Margaret Fischer Davis Elementary will review the Parent and Family Engagement Plan to parents during each title 1 meeting. The plan will be distributed through the Seesaw app and posted on the campus website. Parents will be involved in planning and reviewing the policy on a yearly basis. 
    • The plan will be available during family nights, parent/teacher conferences, and located at the campus office upon request.
    • Margaret Fischer Davis Elementary utilizes the following tools to communicate with our parents: Student folders, Seesaw, Social Media, District Website, Parent/teacher conferences, Monthly Newsletters, phone calls, and Blackboard Communication system 

    5. Parent Participation and Suggestion Process 

    • Margaret Fischer Davis Elementary will provide timely information to parents regarding all programs related to the campus. 
    • Margaret Fischer Davis Elementary uses the TEKS Resource System for their curriculum alignment. Students will be screened at BOY, MOY, EOY using Cli Engage (PreK), mCLass (K, 1, & 2), Star Renaissance (1 &2), and Map Growth (K, 1, & 2). Screener information will be given to parents on a timely basis. 
    • Margaret Fischer Davis Elementary will provide parents an opportunity to give feedback or suggest changes through campus surveys. 

    6. Campus Improvement Plan (CIP) 

    • Margaret Fischer Davis Elementary will provide the CIP to parents at any time. The plan can be requested digitally or a hard copy can be picked up in the main office. Parents can submit any comments on the plan by emailing the principal. 

    7. School Parent Compact & Family Engagement 

    • Margaret Fischer Davis Elementary will provide a compact that outlines the responsibilities of the school, parent, and student to ensure that our students learn at high levels. 
    • Margaret Fischer Davis Elementary’s compact can be found on the school website. This compact provides strategies for parents and students that will support our children’s learning. 
    • Margaret Fischer Davis Elementary hosts a literacy and math curriculum night. Resources and strategies are provided to the families during this time. 
    • Margaret Fischer Davis Elementary provides students with resources such as Lexia and Progress Learning to help support their learning at home. 
    • Margaret Fischer Davis Elementary encourages family engagement through activities such as the annual Christmas Tree Lighting, Thanksgiving Lunches, School wide book fair, Night of the Arts, Code Jam, Kindergarten Adventure, and Parent Teacher Conferences.