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Football Stadium Guidelines can be accessed here!

  • All elementary, intermediate, and middle school students must be accompanied by an adult for entry and throughout the games. Students not accompanied by an adult will not gain entry into the stadium.
  • There will be a designated entry gate for families and for adults only. Please look for the signs to direct you to the correct gate entrance.
  • Anyone leaving the game will not be able to re-enter.
  • Footballs, soccer balls, etc. may not be brought into the stadium by spectators.
  • No running and playing behind the press box.
  • The berm will be closed until the stands are at capacity.
  • If the berm is opened for overflow, students must be escorted by an adult to enter the berm.
  • If the berm is opened, spectators must be positioned to watch the game. No running, playing or rolling down the hill.