• Congratulations MS Band! 

    Last week, some of our Middle School Band students submitted recordings to audition for the ATSSB North Zone All Region Band. Judging took place this weekend, and the following students have earned a spot or an alternate position for the band:
    Emily Hobbs - 9th Chair Flute
    Kathryn Stephens - 1st Alternate Flute
    Agbor Fomuso - 13th Chair Clarinet
    Deanna Dyer - 16th Chair Clarinet
    Simone Williams - 6th Chair Trumpet
    Parker Shields - 13th Chair Trumpet
    Taylor Breiby - 3rd Alternate Trumpet
    Luke Williams - 1st Chair Trombone
    Owen Braza - 3rd Chair Trombone
    Alia Seares - 2nd Alternate Percussion
    Congratulations to all students who put in the work to submit a recording! A clinic and concert will take place sometime during the 2nd semester for students who earned a position in the band.