• Jenny Bearden
    Pleasant Grove Independent School District
    Speech Pathologist

    Elementary:      903.838.0528/Fax: 903.831.3799 
    Intermediate:   903.832.0001/Fax: 903.832.4107
    Middle School:  903.831.4295
    High School:     903.832-8005

    Speech Therapy Services
       Refers to articulation (how sounds are formed and strung together), fluency (the rhythm or flow of speech), and voice (the pitch or quality of the sound)
       Refers to receptive language (what the child understands) and expressive language (what the child verbally expresses)
    Who do we serve?
       PGISD provides speech-language services to children 3-21 years of age who are eligible based on Texas state guidelines as "Speech Impaired"
    What does "speech impaired" mean?
       "Speech impaired" means a communication delay or disorder such as stuttering, impaired articulation, language, or voice that adversely affects a child's educational performance.
    How is eligibility for Speech Therapy determined?
       PGISD uses information from a variety of sources including parent information, teacher observation, and/or evaluation by a licensed speech language pathologist to determine eligibility for speech language services based on state guidelines.
       The Admission, Review, and Dismissal (ARD) committee determines the services provided.  The parents are members of this committee.
    Where is Speech Therapy provided?
       The speech pathologist provides services in the least restrictive environment decided by the ARD committee.
    How to make a referral for Speech Therapy services:
       Please contact Jenny Bearden or Cindy Jennings at your child's appropriate campus.