Dr. Jason Smith

Dr. Jason Smith
  • Welcome to PGISD, a STEAM-based district where every child matters.  As Superintendent of Schools and on behalf of the Board of Trustees, let me be the first to welcome you to another wonderful school year.  Pleasant Grove ISD has a long standing tradition of excellence in academics, a strong history for achievement in the arts, and a prowess for greatness in athletics.  I am fortunate to be the superintendent in a community that strongly values public education.  Our community is committed to providing the best resources available to prepare every student for their future.  The quality of our school district is complemented by a vibrant community which offers many cultural and recreational opportunities.   Pleasant Grove ISD is the ideal community in which to live and to raise a family!

    Our staff has a long-standing and strong commitment to student achievement and excellence in academics.  Pleasant Grove ISD’s reputation as an outstanding school district is well established.  We believe in providing numerous choices and opportunities for our students.   This is why 96% of our students plan on attending college after high school and over 80% have successful post secondary educational careers.

    As the stewards of our children’s educational futures, Pleasant Grove ISD has high expectations of each teacher, administrator and all support personnel.  This school year, we are unveiling our Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) K-12 curriculum.  We are excited to begin embedding our STEAM curriculum with 21st century learning standards to prepare our students to compete in a global market.

    We have high expectations for our parents and community partners, that they will engage with us in this educational effort, providing much needed support to our schools and to our children.  We have great expectations and high demands for our students that they will come to school each day with a willingness and desire to learn and to work hard toward obtaining the knowledge and experiences offered to them.

    Thank you for your continued support as we all work together in making PGISD a STEAM-based district where every child matters.


    Go Hawk Nation!

    Jason Smith

    Superintendent of Schools

    Pleasant Grove ISD