• "Art 1 Syllabus Highlights for Parents"



    1.  All students in Art 1 should make a B or better if they are completing their work and putting effort forward.

    2.  Students are graded based on their own capability through assessments. 

    3.  Art 1 assignments are hands-on artmaking and academic assessments (ex:  notes, tests, homework)

    4.  There are 4 homework sketchbooks each six weeks.  They will be taken up the last day of each week (Thur. or Fri.).  Students are not able to make these up unless they are absent.

    5.  Make up assignments are due by the following Friday of each week and are the students responsibility.

    6.  Both art teachers are available if a student needs to make up class work prior to school beginning or during their lunch hour.

    7.  Extra credit is always available.  Every additional exemplary sketchbook counts 25 pts toward a daily grade and 10 pts toward a test grade.  Students may do as many as they would like as long as they meet class requirements. 

    8.  9 times out of 10 if a students grade is low it is because they have missed a sketchbook grade.  Remind your child for every missed homework it takes 4 of those assignments as extra credit to make it up!

    9.  A "1" in the grade book indicates the student was absent and the work can be made up prior to the last week of the 6 weeks.

    10.  Please encourage your child to talk to us about any issues they may be having.