• Art Syllabus and Expectation


    PGHS Art Department


    Micro Labs – students will complete small learning exercises called Micro Labs.  The assignments are created to enhance student expertise in a material or media prior to starting their Masterwork for the six weeks.  These Micro Labs are daily grades. (ALL)


    Thumbnails/Planning – students are expected to create a variety of rough sketches prior to beginning a Masterwork.  These rough sketches otherwise known as thumbnail sketches are created to allow the instructor the ability to provide guidance to the student.  This process is integral to student success.  Students must be open to critique and ideas during this process.  Thumbnails are test grades and are as heavily weighted as final

    projects. (ALL)


    Midpoint Grades – some students will be required to participate in a midpoint grade.  These grades were created to help students set goals to maintain consistent work habits.  Midpoint grades are usually taken at the 3 week point and are set by the students.  They help to ensure that the Masterwork is 50% complete halfway through the six weeks.  Midpoints are a test grades. (ART 2, 3, 4)


    Masterwork – students will create at least one Masterwork or main project per six weeks in class.  The Masterwork will be an assignment that shows comprehensive growth in a subject or media.  Students will be graded against their own benchmarks in class.  The teacher establishes what the student’s ability level is in art and adjusts this expectation throughout the year. (ALL)


    Excelled – A

    Above Expectations – B

    Met Expectations – C

    Below Expectation – D or F


    Deadlines –students are expected to complete Masterworks and Micro Labs by the assigned deadlines. The teacher reserves to right to not accept work that does not meet the minimum standard.  Students can submit a request for extension.  These forms will be posted near the dry erase board.  Student extensions can result in no grade penalty or a grade deduction depending on the excuse (discretion of the teacher).  Any work not completed and up to standard will receive an incomplete until it is turned in.  All deadlines and late work are the responsibility of the student.    (ALL)


    Artist Journals – students in some art courses will be expected to respond to art images, video clips, and drawing prompts.  All journal work is done in a  sketchbook provided to the student.  Journals will be collected the week PRIOR to the end of each marking period, Journals will be a comprehensive daily grade, and based on student progress. (ART 0NE)


    Test – some students will be required to take art exams that assess their understanding of art terms and techniques.  Exams are two-part, and consist of one drawing (to be completed at home as the take-home portion of the test, and a traditional written section to be completed in class. Tests are given at the end of the six weeks. Test written test is based on notes provided to students prior to beginning the instructional unit.  (ART ONE)


    Critique/Rubrics – some students will be required to digitally document their work and submit a self critique and grading rubric by the directed deadline. Digital cameras are provided for this purpose; however, they are for in class use only.  Critique/Rubric forms will be posted by the dry erase board.  Once a Masterwork is photographed it will be printed on the back of the rubric for grading. (ART 2, 3, 4)


    Advanced Art Sketchbooks –students will be expected to work in and maintain a sketchbook. Students are expected work toward an 80 or better on each assignment.  Grades for these assignments will be based on a student benchmark and on task effort. (Art One))


    Participation/Cleanup – students are expected to follow the clean up schedule in class as well as maintain their own personal spaces.  This also includes their desks, the area around their desk, and their storage boxes.  Completing these tasks will be one comprehensive daily grade. (ALL)


    Student Behavior. – students are expected to follow the school rules and classroom expectations.  Art class is a privilege and not a right. (ALL)


    Extra Credit - students have the opportunity for multiple extra credit assignments during the six weeks.  The main way to earn extra credit is to complete additional out of class sketchbook drawings. The student chooses how extra credit will be applied to their grade, 10 points to test average or 25 points to daily grade average.  (ALL)


    Web Pages – students can access some classroom assignments and information via our webpage at www.pgisd.net .  Basic notes, deadlines, AP student portfolios, and sketchbooks will be downloadable throughout the year via Google Docs.  (ALL)

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