• Pleasant Grove ISD
    Acceptable Use Policy
    Computer and technology are used to support learning and enhancing educational instruction. Computer networks and telecommunications allow people to access information from other computers in different locations. It is the policy of Pleasant Grove ISD that all computers be used in a responsible, efficient, ethical, and legal manner. Failure to adhere to this policy and the guidelines established below will result in the revocation of access privileges and/or disciplinary actions involving local, county, state, or federal agencies.
    It is the belief of Pleasant Grove ISD that the educational benefits of the Internet for students, teachers, and staff far exceed any potential disadvantages. The majority of sites accessed can provide a wealth of educational opportunities. It is the intent of Pleasant Grove ISD to provide access to such services to further the educational goals and objectives set by the district. Pleasant Grove ISD is in full compliance with the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) through the use of a content filtering device when using district computers. Parents should be aware that students using telecommunications have the potential to access unacceptable sources if they disobey or disregard district rules and guidelines. Even though the vast majority of Internet sites provide useful information, some sites may contain information that is offensive, defamatory, or inaccurate. The intent of Pleasant Grove ISD is for technology resources to be used as a valuable educational tool.