• Good morning!  Hope you all are having a wonderful week!



    Valentine's Party-Wednesday @ 2:30

    Early Release-Thursday @ 1:00

    No School-Friday-Tuesday....Your children will return to school on Wednesday the 21st.


    Wednesday-Math Benchmark #2

    Thursday-Reading Benchmark #2



    Science:  (Feb.12-16)  STAAR TEKS Review

    Journal Pages…These are the pages to be studied each night as we fill in the journal. 

    Your child is tested over journal vocabulary & notes, labs, and class lessons.


    *Vocabulary-study p.168--quiz Thursday

    *Journal Notes-study pgs.168-173

    *Spiral Review-study units/pages with vocabulary-quiz Wednesday



    Monday: Review formulas for Perimeter, Area, & volume;  homework pgs. 675-676 & 683-684

    Tuesday:  Topic 13.3; homework pgs. 689-690 #1-6, 11

    Wednesday:  Topic 13.4; homework pgs. 695-696 # 1-6 - Spiral Quiz (daily grade)

    Thursday:  Review perimeter, area, & volume

    Friday:  no school

    ***  Please make sure that your child is studying math journals every night Monday-Thursday.  We are moving much faster in math now and it is the student's responsibility to study.  Also, the math packet will be due next Thursday, Feb. 15.  If your child is not doing the math packet until Thursday night, then it is not helping he/she.  It is designed to do a box a night and get Quick Checks each day from the teacher.  Please remind your child to work on the packet each day and take advantage of the Quick Checks!  These math packets are a spiral review which will help your child prepare for the STAAR math test.  I give time every day to work a little on the math packet and they have time during homework time to work on it.



    Monday – Planner, Word a Day, Highlight Study Guide, ELAR Packet Due Wednesday (Writing Daily grade) HW Due Wednesday –

    Read and analyze Lego Passage, make 50\50 predications, SQRRR on passage, start answering questions using strategies (daily grade)

    Tuesday –Finish Answering Lego Passage Questions – Go over Unit 4 Test

    Wednesday – Grade HW Due (6 of 6) – ELA Packet Due (writing grade) Review for Word a day

    Thursday – Early Release Day – STAAR Vocabulary Test – Word a Day Quiz

    Friday – No School