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****Parents….Please remember to study Science Voc. with your children.  They can’t answer test questions without knowing and understanding them. Thanks for all you do!!!**** 

Science (December 5-9)    

Alternative Energy Resources

*Vocabulary-study pgs.112-115-quiz Friday

*Notes-study pgs. 112 and beyond


  -Please work on vocabulary each night with your child.  They must know and understand the words to be able to answer questions about them.  Thank you!!!

  • finding common denominators
  • fractions with unlike denominators
  • add & subtract fractions with unlike denominators
  • Friday - fraction quiz
     Main Idea and Supporting Details Review - Monday & Tuesday 
     Reading "The Truth about Austin's Amazing Bats" pg 324 5.2 version
     Guided STAAR Passage - "Meet Sue" -Tuesday & Wednesday
     Word A Day Quiz tragedy, pulsate, undaunted, aptitude - Wednesday 
     Homework page 144 due Thursday
     Unit 3 Reading to Understand Informational Text - Test Grade Thursday

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