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Pleasant Grove ISD

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****Parents….Please remember to study Science Voc. with your children.  They can’t answer test questions without knowing and understanding them. Thanks for all you do!!!**** 

Science (January 17-20)    

Sun, Earth, and Moon Systems Wk.3
*Vocabulary-p. 134-quiz Friday
*Notes-study pgs. 121 and beyond-UNIT 7 TEST-Friday
Comparing & Contrasting Folktales
Read & Respond "Ch'i-Lin Purse" 
Homework due Thursday 
Thursday Word-a-Day quiz Daily grade Friday Unit 4a Test - Test Grade 
  • Multiply fractions & whole numbers
  • Wednesday - spiral quiz (daily grade)
  • Friday - multiplying fractions & whole numbers quiz (daily grade)
  • Friday - math packet due 

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