Science:  (September 26-29)  Unit Forces Test

    Journal Pages…These are the pages to be studied each night as we fill in the journal. 

    Your child is tested over journal vocabulary & notes, labs, and class lessons.

    *Vocabulary-study pgs.42-45-quiz Friday

    *Journal Notes-study pgs.31-49

    *UNIT 3 TEST-Friday



    • Monday:  holiday
    • Tuesday:  Review packet over prime & composite, order of operations, algebraic expressions (classwork & homework)
    • Wednesday:  Unit 2 test over everything reviewed on Tuesday
    • Thursday:  Financial Literacy (new notes in math journal to study)
    • Friday:  spiral quiz (daily grade)

    ***Continue to have your child study multiplication facts!!

    ***  If your child is not studying the math journal every nighr, he'she is 

         getting behind.  Please make sure your child is studying the math

         journal every night.



    Monday- Holiday

    Tuesday – Planner, Study Guide, HW, Word a Day - Read the story  “Hold the Flag High”

    Wednesday – Finish Reading Hold the Flag High

    Thursday – Early Release – HW Due, Review Word a Day, Non-Fiction types and elements, Writing Grade Revise and Edit (daily grade)

    Friday – Word a Day Quiz (daily grade) Hold the Flag High Comprehension Quiz (Daily Grade)