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Pleasant Grove ISD

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****Parents….Please remember to study Science Voc. with your children.  They can’t answer test questions without knowing and understanding them. Thanks for all you do!!!**** 

Science:  (February 21-24)    


*Vocabulary-p.144-review (NO new vocabulary this week)

*Notes-review/study pgs. 144-155 review quiz-Friday


  • Tuesday:  quiz over area, perimeter, & volume
  • Wednesday:  Math Summative #2
  • Thursday:  Reading Summative #2
  • Friday:  Weekly Spiral Quiz (daily grade)
Tuesday - Descriptive Composition 
Review Writing Expectations 
Introduction, Middle Details, and Conclusion
Wednesday - Math Benchmark
Thursday - Reading Benchmark
Friday- Procedural Writing - "How to pop microwave popcorn?"
Word A Day Quiz on Friday - Daily Grade

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